Popular Types of Gym Flooring

Thinking about establishing a new fitness facility? You could even be renovating an old one. Either way, quality flooring is among the most critical things that a gym needs. When choosing the gym flooring material, consider a few factors, including the space available for the gym, the underlay and the life cycle of your fitness equipment.

The market has several types of gym flooring ready for you to buy. Below are some common ones.

Foam Flooring

This type of gym flooring is ideal for cardio and aerobic facilities. It is soft, and it offers excellent fatigue relief for fitness enthusiasts. Most people also prefer foam flooring because of its non-absorbent nature which makes it pretty easy to clean. Besides, installing it is uncomplicated and it is less expensive than other types of flooring such as rubber. Even so, it lacks durability, especially if you will be using heavy gym equipment.

Rubber Flooring

This flooring is your best option if your gym will be all about weightlifting and other exercises that require heavy tools. It is popularly used due to its enhanced durability, affordability and ease of cleaning. Installation may take you a short time, but the weight can pose a massive challenge if you are doing it alone.

Plastic Flooring

Plastic flooring offers versatility, and it is also great for fatigue relief. It protects your fitness facility’s floor, enabling you to use your weights as well as other gym equipment without care. In addition to that, plastic flooring is soft and non-absorbent.

Carpet Flooring

If you are looking for excellent cushioning and a lot of warmth, this gym flooring is meant for you. See to it that your facility’s floor does not have any moisture issues before you install it. Otherwise, it can be ruined by the moisture, start producing a bad odour and eventually become unsanitary.